I like to learn new things. And by "things" I actually mean complex things, things that require a reasonable amount of skill, that have many moving parts. And I like how through practice, the focused attention required at the beginning of learning, shifts into a state of flow or being “in the zone.” That is my favorite part.

Finding flow is the driving force behind my work. Once I have reached a flow state, and have stopped to play there for a while, I usually move on to something else and the cycle of learning starts again, but with an even richer foundation as more skills are added to my arsenal.

The things which stir my imagination are the things I pursue. I have been in a circus, flying through the air on a trapeze, juggling, and unicycling. I have two degrees in art, bringing installations and digital musical instruments to life. I have run an archeology program at Harvard University. I have conducted scientific PhD research, measuring physical and cognitive function in a randomized controlled trial. And I have played my trombone, saxophone, and drum with radical street brass bands around the globe.

These things may seem like a collection of disparate pursuits, but their intersections are not only numerous, they are where all the interesting stuff happens! My art informs science, and my science informs music, and my music informs circus, and no matter how you arrange and label these things, each one is always strengthening and playing off of the others.

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